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See what you've been missing under the water.


Sunset Gulf Shores Alabama 21K (2).jpg

The most efficient, practical, and durable underwater lights available today. 


With self-cleaning properties, top-of-the-line water sealing processes, and superior workmanship now is the time to dominate the docks and get your Green Glow Light Dock today!

Sunset Gulf Shores Alabama 21K (2).jpg

Green Underwater Lights


Sunset Gulf Shores Alabama 21K (2).jpg
Sunset Gulf Shores Alabama 21K (2).jpg
snook lights
green underwater lights


Sunset Gulf Shores Alabama 21K (2).jpg

Crafted in a meticulous fashion, bring the bait and fish to your dock, seawall, or boat and enjoy the show.  


Sunset Gulf Shores Alabama 21K (2).jpg

We guarantee that all our products will give you the results you are looking for. If you are not completely satisfied with our products for any reason you may return it for a full refund minus shipping cost. 

Go ahead and order with confidence. You have nothing to lose. That's our promise to you.

snook lights


Sunset Gulf Shores Alabama 21K (2).jpg

We now have the best quality and affordable Underwater Dock Lights, Underwater Boat Lights, and Underwater Fishing Lights.  Green Glow Dock Light® has the most efficient, practical, and durable underwater lights for sale.  We offer top quality products that have been crafted in a meticulous way with the help a top-of-the-line water sealing processes.

Superior workmanship and high quality materials ensure optimal reliability and performance even in a highly adverse underwater environment. We offer the best LED underwater lights and HID underwater lights. The self-cleaning properties of our underwater dock lights make us a highly sought after manufacturer.

Exceptional performance and durability are guaranteed both in freshwater and saltwater. In order to serve the client needs in a perfect way, Green Glow Dock Light® offers the best underwater lighting at the most affordable prices.  

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Underwater Boat Lights

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Do green underwater lights function?


Green underwater lights attract fish the most. Underwater fishing lights are typically available in three colors: green, blue, and white. Green is the most popular color since it is the most effective.


Why do fishermen use green snook lights?


Hundreds of green lights on fishing boats elucidate the sea's waters. Fishermen utilize the snook lights to lure plankton and fish, the best diet of commercially noteworthy squid.


What exactly do you mean by a self-cleaning bulb?

Our LED and HID underwater light systems possess an open bulb that generates enough heat to prevent barnacles and buildup, unlike a covered bulb system that will require frequent cleaning and growth removal.

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LED Underwater Boat Lights

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