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Each Green Glow Dock Light® HID Lamp Kit is individually and meticulously handcrafted using a three step state of the art water sealing process. This quality workmanship creates a superior product and ensures dependability in the harsh underwater environment. u We build both Single and Double HID (High Intensity Discharge) underwater dock light systems.  All with 50’ length heavy marine grade lamp cords. (You will only be disappointed with anything shorter.  You would rather have an extra 10' of cable than be 5 or 10 feet short).  We also offer replacement HID Bulbs units for all our underwater dock lights and many other HID systems. u


All our underwater Fishlights are perfectly suited for salt water.  Our HID bulbs are self-cleaning, which means barnacles will NOT grow on the bulb.  This is not the case with LED or a covered bulb system.   Our underwater fish lights will also work great in fresh water.  Freshwater fish love our lights.  Our underwater fishing lights work in lakes and rivers, fresh or salt.  They will attract the fish no matter the species.

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It just takes minutes to mount the box, place the bulb in the water, and plug it in.   All our underwater fish lights include everything needed to enjoy your new light that same evening.

The Green Glow Dock Light® HID Systems are very economical - adding only a few dollars to your electric bill a month.  Our underwater fishlight kits are neighbor friendly because the light is focused underwater, which allows more effective lighting.  Above water lighting attracts unwanted insects, creating a problem with pests, but with our underwater fish lights, unwanted bugs aren't a problem.


We now offer two types of HID bulbs, our "Bright Series" and our new "Brilliant Series".  Both bulbs work great, and they will both attract fish and produce a green glow in the water.  Our bright series of lamps are the most popular underwater green fish light.  Similar bulbs have been used by most underwater light companies for the past 10 to 15 years.  If you have seen a green underwater light in the water this type of bulb is probably the light you were seeing.


Our "Brilliant Series" bulbs are new technology.  These bulbs also produce a very rich emerald green color.  This is NOT a colored or tinted bulb it is clear.  Our supplier found a way to create this HID bulb for the purpose of producing a better engineered green underwater dock light®. 


We post the lumens for every bulb and kit because that is the question we get most from our customers.  Be assured that we choose NOT to play any "Lumen Games".  We are giving you the numbers that our manufactures give us.  We could add numbers to try to look better or brighter than others but we don't feel that we need to do that.  Once you try our light's you and the fish will love them.  We guarantee it!


All our HID underwater fish lights are assembled here in the USA by Green Glow Dock Light®.  We use quality UL and UL Recognized Components in our HID underwater light kits.  Most companies don’t include a Safety G.F.C.I. plug with their 110 volt lights.  This is a must have near water.  With the use of our safety plug with your covered gfci outlet this will ensure double safety is in place.

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Scroll through our online shop and find the best underwater fishing lights for your needs. Green Glow Dock Light, LLC includes free shipping on every order, every time. 

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