Underwater Fish Light

Reel them in with our Underwater Green Fishing Lights

Do you love fishing at night? Cast from your own dock when you add underwater green fishing lights from Green Glow Dock Light, and get more bites. Did you know that many predator fish like Snook, Bass and Walleyes are attracted to any kind of light, just like the little bait that they eat? The green glow in our lights helps you to see where the fish are gathering so you can pull in more fish every night. Equipped with a GFCI protected plug, your light will operate safely around water for years.

Underwater Fish Light Ready for Casting

Our underwater fish lights come fully loaded. Adjust the length of the weighted cord so that your green light floats safely below the level of boat engines and propellers. The 50-foot long cord means finding the perfect position is easier, with the ability to adjust it for better results. Our bulbs burn brighter with lumen output of 7,900, 14,000, or 21,000. Double up and give you and your friends room to spread out as the light brings more fish closer into the dock.

HID Bulbs Self Clean for Easy Maintenance

Yes, LED technology uses less energy, but they burn cool--which means that the bulb would collect barnacles, sea slime, and algae requiring constant cleaning. We use low cost high-intensity discharge bulbs without a cover, so the bulb burns off accumulated attachments every night when it goes to work. Better yet, they last from two to five years before needing to be replaced. Our green dock lights are the simple solution to an age old problem.

Best Underwater Fishing Lights

Scroll through our online shop and find the best underwater fishing lights for your needs. Green Glow Dock Light, LLC includes free shipping on every order, every time.  We are one of the few dock light companies that never charges shipping for any of its products on its website.