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You can cast your line into dark water and you might get lucky with a bite. However, when you add a set of underwater fishing lights from Green Glow Dock Light, LLC it's like ringing the dinner bell for bait and predator fish. The green glow allows you to see when the fish start to congregate. Invite your friends over for some fun while you cast off your dock and reel in enough fish to feed the clan for breakfast. You set the level of the lights, so you can still tie up at the dock without bumping the bulb with your prop.

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The other guys might have green lights, but ours pump out crazy levels of lumens. Our fishing lights come in 7,900, 14,000, and even 21,000 bulbs that are rated to last two to five years. The small bait fish like herring and minnows come running to the light as they feed on algae and plant life that depend on the light. Big fish like Redfish, Snook, Rock Fish and Stripped Bass follow the bait fish right to your hook for a more satisfying night on the dock.


May you want to stock up on bait for the big game fishing expedition in the morning. Your dock lights will draw them in, so you can net them up and fill your buckets. The underwater lights also help to throw a little illumination around the edges of the dock, making it easier to stay safe when visiting your boat after the sun sets. The photocell turns it on as the light fades every night. The box can be mounted to the post next to your electrical box for easy connection and neat cord storage.

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Scroll through our online shop and find the best underwater fishing lights for your needs. Green Glow Dock Light, LLC includes free shipping on every order, every time. 

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