LED Drain Plug Lights


RGB Color (Red, Green, Blue)

Made of 361L marine grade stainless steel

27 watt and 3,600 total lumens

Fits standard 1/2" NPT thread drain plugs.

Input 12 volt up to 24 volt 

Output 6 Amps

Built-in LED driver

Bluetooth Control Box w/two outputs 

Free App controls bluetooth function (select & save many color combinations, sync lights with music, timers, and more) 

LEDs expected lifespan of 50,000 hours


If you are searching for extremely functional and durable LED drain plug lights, you can rely on Green Glow Dock Light. As a highly renowned and respected manufacturer and supplier of underwater fishing lights, we offer this Double Underwater Boat LED Drain Plug Lights with Bluetooth Controller to deliver outstanding benefits for users.


Marine grade stainless steel is used to make these underwater boat lights. It comes with a built-in LED driver. The lifespan of this product is 50000 hours. Free app controls bluetooth function can be used to save many color combinations. Lights can be synced with music and lights as well.


Your search for exceptional drain LED plug lights ends with this product. It can be purchased at an affordable price as well.   





Double Underwater Boat LED Drain Plug Lights w/Bluetooth Controller

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