Double Lamp Brilliant Green 14,000 Lumen High Intensity Discharged Green Underwater Light Kit with 50' cords. Have the pleasure of two lights while only having 1 control box and 1 power cord.
The bulbs looks the same as our "bright" series but produces almost twice the light using the same energy. It is engineered to produce a beautiful emerald green underwater light.

Brilliant Green 14,000 Lumens Dbl Kit w/50' Cords

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  • Kit Includes:

    1. Two Brilliant Green 14,000 Lumen High Intensity Discharge Engineered Green Bulbs sealed directly into housing units.
    2. Weather tight power control box
    3. Two 50 foot length marine grade lamp cables
    4. 5 foot length power cable
    5. Safety GFCI power plug
    6. Automatic On/Off power control photo cell
    7. Two underwater weights for the bulbs.
    8. Stainless steel mounting screws.
    9. Instructions.